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First call was 42 minutes waiting, then this guy picks up the phone, starts to say his name, mutes it before coming back for the last couple digits of his employee id. What I did get was 000678142. So I start to explain my question when this MF *** his headset (you can hear it distinctly) and doesn't talk back. I wait an additional 4 minutes telling him I'm still here and he hangs up. I recorded the call (for quality assurance) and had to go... Read more

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Contacted the IRS via Phone - August 22 2016 06:10PM EST (held for about 44min) I had Jury duty today and to my surprise my original request for a copy of documents that were received by the IRS show what I have been thinking is wrong this whole time. I was sent a certified copy of my original paperwork filed. I requested copies of original documents (Form 4506) for year 2015 and 2014. I received a set of documents from the IRS indicating that... Read more

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I just spoke with Ms Mitchel IRS Employee # 1003228076. The call was recorded. I would love for someone at the IRS that monitors these calls to listen to it. I can't believe you employe people that are this nasty, rude, and utterly uninterested in listening to an actual explanation about a situation. Specifically I have proof (Form 4506 copies) the IRS mis processed my 2014 return as a 2015 return. However, Mrs Mitchel 1003228076 wasn't... Read more

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I phoned asking for help with qualifying therapies for my disabled child using my Health Savings Account. I need a way for our therapist to access my savings fund. (It isn't allowing under the way she is trying to bill me.) I was advised to call a certain number to speak with a live IRS employee, since the IRS.Gov site wasn't helpful and generalized about therapies. I spoke with (after waiting a hour on hold) a very nasty employee "Williams... Read more

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I filed the adoption tax return for a 2014 adoption this year, 2016. I am supposed to receive a check for $13,000.00. I have called and called. Here are some of the answers. . You will receive your check on July 9, 2016 - phone 1 hour 45 minutes . You have to wait 18 weeks. That was the end July. - phone 2 hours . We have nothing on file for an 8839. August 10, 2016 - phone 2 hours . You will have to file a new 8839 with your 2016 taxes. -... Read more

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I am actually one who would like to pay: not trying to negotiate lower or get out of my tax liability. I just need a little compassion. Ive called for 2 1/2 weeks now- daily, and each time, I'm either waiting for several hours (which I cannot afford to do) or I receive the message that I called at a 'high volume time' and the IRS drops the call. Today, after one hour waiting (no complaint about today's wait time), I managed to speak with someone... Read more

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Women was so rude as I waited over an hour to get through to her. She then told me that it is my fault I didn't receive my full refund as someone else claimed my son before I filed. I told her I could fax over the proof but it would take a couple of minutes. She told me she could not hold for me any longer as she had other people to help and then hung up on me. Her Id# is 1000571723. I hope this finds you well. Read more

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The amount of time spent on the phone is a joke to talk to someone at the IRS, the amount of money from production loss of being on the phone must be enormous, just me alone I have spent 6 hour (in 1 to 2 hour increments) in the last week and if that was to averaged out to $25 an hour ($150) just to talk at the end of the wait for about 10 minuets, take the $150 multiplied by 10000 other people waiting across the whole USA would be my guess per... Read more

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I had a horrible experience with a irs call. The lady was black and rude. I didnt know some of the questions she was asking and she got loud with me and rude and hung up the phone after waiting 35 min for a rep. I am highly pissed off.

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The irs on runberg lane is the worst office i have ever dealt with! They have held up my refund check for months!!!! They need to fire everyone who works there and hire people who know what they are doing. all they care about is getting a pay check every week. If you have any kind of problems with these people you need to contact our texas state representative lloyd doggett at 300 east 8th st, suite 763, austin, texas 78701-3275 Read more

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