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  • From mobile
  • Irs
  • 19 hours ago
  • #788054

I spoke with an agent and she was very rude wouldn't tell me anything about my tax returns. This is ridiculous because when you owe money they get there's! Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Irs
  • 2 days ago
  • #786798

Direct deposit is supposed to be the fastest way to get your taxes ha I beg to differ I've been waiting over 2 weeks almost 3 and still no word nore letter concerning my taxes I understand it takes time but my sister in law filed the 1st of February and got hers the 9th which is today so you tell me they do what they wish to Add comment

The person I spoke with this morning was very rude as well but I remained kind just trying to check on the status of my return that worked hard for she started actually laughing when I asked her to check the system and then told me I need to be patient and stop jumping to conclusions I never experienced such bad customer service in my life nothing got resolved I've done call center work and I... Read more

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This is the first year that me and my boyfriend are filing our tax returns on our own, so I have been a little lost. Usually we take our taxes to a professional. I had to call the IRS regarding getting help with a part of his return. My boyfriend knows as little as I do about it, so we were both trying to find answers. When my boyfriend called the the IRS we got a VERY rude gentlemen who kept... Read more

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After waiting on hold for 30 min to track my refund after being informed to do so by the website I was provided the worst service possible. The agent Mr. Vasquez was the most unhelpful person ridiculous person I ever spoken too. The agent never confirmed by information, I informed rep that I was prompted to call them to get an update. rep began to get irate. told me that he was not able... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Irs
  • Feb 06
  • #784905

Its a shame that every year during tax season u cant get your money on time but if the irs is due some money from u they are gonna get it. Add comment

E-filed on Feb. 17, 2015 - did not receive refund until 9/16/15. Long waits to reach reps and repeatedly disconnected. The only thing they requested was ANOTHER copy of the return we e-filed and a copy of the W-2.....which of course they already had! No reason for the request. All they want to do is make "referrals" for it to be checked into. Then the constant runaround along with all their... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Irs
  • Feb 05
  • #784266

I as well had one of the ugliest *** ever her number 1000246758.i told her im having a bad day but your job must suck to be so hateful.i hung up and got a little better personality not by much.rudeness gets you no where. Add comment

Iam going to keep posting til i get my *** mony i work to hard for this *** ive got a family to take care of and if they any heart or soul theu would understand but god is watching you irs remember that before you go to sleep tonight in your nice house and for those good people in irs i do same ia. Sorry for my rude words but iam a working hard husband and father i dont like being bs around with... Read more

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Watch next year they will post some other bs saying something different about taxdown *** maybe would should protest againt the irs Add comment

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