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I have power of attorney for the taxpayers. I called IRS on 12/5/2016 and was on hold for an hour. The agent was yarning in the background. She was extremely rude. When I was explaining the sotuation to her, she kept interupt me. She also raised up her voice. Then she said she could not find the power of attorney form on the system. She said she cannot help me, then hung up on me before i even had any chance to say anything. Maybe she is just... Read more

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As of right now I'm on the phone waiting (1800-829-0922 for 1hour 3min) to get answers. So I've decided to get online and google so I can find answers, it is really sad to see how many people are having the same problems. The reason I called this number I dialed was to notified the IRS that I cannot make my Installment Agreement payment due to the loss of my job. What form do I use? Any information is good better than nothing, I'm trying to be a... Read more

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I was on hold for 45 minutes, then disconnected. I called back and a woman picked up after I was holding for 30 minutes. I told her my husband never received his W2 from employer after numerous attempts and wanted to know where to find a simple IRS form for estimating earnings. She told me there was no such form, I went bak and forth with this because I know there is such a form (you can google search it) but I did not recall the number, she... Read more

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I had the same experience with a very rude agent. I called to ask why the notice I requested to be sent to my current address is taking forever, to come to find out, it's cause it was never sent out. This agent #10017448008 was extremely rude, she won't even let me take. every time i try to say something she would stop me saying i should not talk while she is trying to help me. i thought it was some type of jock. I didn't think a person who work... Read more

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It's perfectly understandable that everybody wants assistance with their taxes but why would the IRS asked us to cooperate in giving our tax money if they have such bad service through the recording system I'm not talking about the actual people that help I'm talking about the Merry-Go-Round a person has to go through just to get through + 99.5% it's not answered we get hung up I wish there was something that we could do about it Read more

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I am just trying to pay my taxes. I go online to set up a payment plan and it logs me out in the middle of the registration process. This has happened to me six times in the last hour. I tried calling and the automatic voice told me that since there was a high influx of callers on the line, to go online and fill out the application. This has been a major waste of time. The app also tells me to go online, but for wanting my money they certainly... Read more

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11/4/16 I just got of the line with this guy, I was so upset I did not know what to do, like you I did not get his last name I think he does that on purpose but I got this number 1000535734 like you just in case, so I googled it and found this. I am beyond upset , I was a victim of fraud when someone tried to use my SS# to submit for a tax refund, I went through months and hoops getting it all fixed. This guy actually said that I must be the... Read more

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I received a noticed that stated I had to call the IRS after I made my payment. I have been trying for 3 weeks. I have been on hold over an hour multiple times and each time get booted off the line. How can I call the IRS if they won't answer the phone. Either congress needs to fund more positions or the IRS needs to have a call back service like many other high call volume companies. It would be nice to have the IRS be on the citizens side... Read more

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Was told hold for 15-30 min after 1 hour told to wait 20 more min what a f*****g joke

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The following articles are informative about these private corporations, called IRS and Federal Reserve who masquerade as "Uncle Sam" but are nothing more than unconstitutional, Soviet style institutions who terrorize the public for money that goes to the wealthy foreign special interests, including the British Royal Crown, the Rothschilds', Bilderbergs' and other crime families so they can create new wars that have nothing to do with defense of... Read more

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