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My son filed his very first tax return this year. I actually completed it for him, so I know it’s 100% legit. I wasn’t shocked when the 4071c letter came, but the runaround that he’s been given by the IRS is ridiculous.

He tried going online to verify his identity. No luck. He was told to call the IRS. Last night he waited 20 minutes on the phone to speak to a representative. He verified all the information they asked for from his W-2 and the tax return that had been filed THEN he was told he still couldn’t be verified and would have to make an appointment to show up in person to an IRS office more than an hour away from where we live.

This would require, at the very least, a half day off from work. He’s talking about just forgetting about it, but he’s owed almost 550.00 from the feds, and it’s not right that this money is being withheld until he jumps through hoops THEY are making too difficult. I’m all for security, but there has to be a better way. A notarized letter verifying his identity? A certified copy of his birth certificate? Something from a professional tax preparer? Something? Anything? Just the fact that the *** letter came to the same address that is on his W-2 AND his tax return and he called about it should be verification enough.

I don’t know how many people are being treated like this, but I think it’s criminal for the IRS to be able to do this to citizens.

Product or Service Mentioned: Irs Tax Return.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Long hold times, Service.

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Hi OP, unfortunately your son was not the only one dealing with this situation. My fiancée and I BOTH had the same 5071C form come through the mail, and we have both been waiting for two months since confirming our identities. I'm curious if your son ever saw his return come in or if you too are still waiting for a resolution.


Good Morning:

I am in his shoes since I had to prove my identity on 02/09/16 and after that a code came up 1121 which I called and the agent tells me to wait patiently. How more patiently can I wait since no irs letter have come in since I prove my identity a month ago?

The agent tells me it can take up to nine weeks.

The is outrageous for a professional office to treat its citizens the way they are this year but we have to pay our taxes on time. The irs is a gimmick.....


Make the appointment show up for the appointment time and make sure he has his Id, ssn card, his w-2 (s), and a copy of the return it take about 5-10 min. To verify and you may or may not find out the refund date or the will wait the full processing time frame because it is his first time, it's just for security purposes.

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