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Hey everyone,

I got 900 bucks back when I should have gotten 2100.

married filing joint 3 kids

AIG 30,357

went to the and did the calcutor and it said I should have gotten 1500.

that $ucks

I talked to others and It seems like they only got the money from there kids,Wheres the 1200. for married filing loint.

More lies from the Bush admin.

Bend over working class America were taking it up the hersey highway again, It doesn't hurt as much people because I have learned to carry my own vasoline.

Nuff Said!

Steve WV.

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Virden, Manitoba, Canada #26115

You'll probably have better luck if you call or visit the IRS and explain your situation.

Marburg An Der Lahn, Hesse, Germany #16076

You know, nobody was ENTITLED to this money. We wouldn't have received anything at all if the stimulus plan hadn't passed.

Sheesh... people and their entitlement mentality; at least it makes liberals easier to spot.

Dellroy, Ohio, United States #15511

Former IRS Employee:

This is not true (entirely). We did not owe money to the Government or any other business, AGI of $26,031.00, filed married joint, have two kids, got a REFUND back of $4,186.00 when filing, and only received $1200 stimulus instead of the $1800 we should have gotten . The IRS sent a notice stating we would get $1200 for married filing joint and $300 a child. What a crock!

TO ET: Grow the heck up!

Meudon, Ile-De-France, France #13019

You most likely owe the government money thats why you didnt get it.

Terrace Park, Ohio, United States #12703

I paid 33K extra over my withholdings, get a new job! I didn't get any rebate and Im not whinning!

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