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Dont ever trust them for business! Its a mistake!- u will regret it!

I tried once! As an owner of my own biz to be my own boss!- to work from home! And i regretted it shortly afterwards! Since they falsely accused me and said i owed them a few thousand dollars!

Without proof first! Especially when it comes to money!- owed! But it was all evil lies from them! How do i owe u anything anyway?!

Whats rightfully mine in the first place?; and i didnt even make a dime yet! So i asked them to send me the evidence! And guess what!! They failed to prove it!

Because they were lying!!!! And had no other choice but to drop the whole thing! Shame on them for accusing an innocent person! And im so glad i dropped them too!

The nerve of them to do that to people! They have ruined many lives! And dont even care! Its not right!- nobody has the right to steal!

And falsely accuse!- and get away with it!- not the gov! Not the IRS! Nobody is above the law! And they threaten u and harrass u abd want to take everything from u!- and make u homekess!

And if u steal they will lock u up for it!- but if they do!- its ok!?- its not! Its still a crime!- for anybody ti do that! What hypocrites! So ill never deal with them ever again!

And ill keep my freedom too! Thats right! And by the way- taxation is : theft!! Thats a fact!

Beware!!!! The IRS- is bad biz!- period!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Services, Lies.

  • bad biz IRS
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First off, learn to write a coherent letter. Your writing skills suck.2nd, the IRS is NOT a business.

We are a government entity who entire purpose is to deal with the taxes that you as a citizen are required to pay to the government. You can't 'drop' us...that is pretty funny.It completely sounds like you didn't' bother to do YOUR research on how to deal with YOUR small business finances and taxes.

That is on you. It is not our job to educate you.Get a clue or don't try running a business.


The best way to go!- is be!- where they're not!- out of america!- overseas! Its the best!- for those who can afford it!


They are bad services evetywhere!- no matter what city or country u live at or work! They're still not worth it!

Why deal with thieves and liars?!- who destroy innocent lives?!-avoid them is the best way to go! Tax free! Drama free! Off the grid!- here's a clue!- for example- like the cayman islands!

Where there are 0 taxes!- equals 0 problems!

And there is nothing- that they can do about it! Thank God!


More- innocent victims of their horrible services need to stand up for their rights!- and not be afraid! We all have our rights!- and not to be mistreated or violated-by a corrupt Gov!

Its that time!- its enough already!- no one has any right to take what's yours! And lie about it! And be betrayed by them! After giving it a chance to work with them!- this is what happens!

Well no thank u! I'm done with being treated like a dog!- by the rich gov who couldn't care less about the poor and needy! Its wrong! and a sin-to be so evil and selfish!

And on top of that a theif and a liar too! Like Jesus said woe unto u the rich! And u will reap what u sow! Repent now!- or u will perish!

Luke 13:5! Matthew 6!:20! The wicked will be destroyed!- one day! Sell what u have!- and give to the - poor!- not the greedy and corrupt IRS!!

We ought to obey God! Rather than man!!

Obey God not the wicked! Peace!

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