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I am actually one who would like to pay: not trying to negotiate lower or get out of my tax liability. I just need a little compassion. Ive called for 2 1/2 weeks now- daily, and each time, I'm either waiting for several hours (which I cannot afford to do) or I receive the message that I called at a 'high volume time' and the IRS drops the call. Today, after one hour waiting (no complaint about today's wait time), I managed to speak with someone in the appropriate department. Her #ID 1000341363: she was less than enthused about taking my call. On my end, it sounded like she was eating breakfast (sounded like her mouth was full at times, she sounded like she was taking sips, paper ruffling; after the ruffled paper, possibly 10 mins into the discussion, I heard her clearly) and disengaged from our discussion. She interrupted me several times as I was speaking and the overall interaction left me upset and angry. I'm never angry. She was SIMPLY RUDE. And the fact that she was an African American woman is disappointing as well, because she fed right into the stereotype of being rude, angry, defensive.

I asked to speak with someone else (and explained that our interaction the reason) and she rudely told me that there's no transfer capability that that I would need to call back and start over. Today, I don't have 2-4 hours to start over, when I started alittle after 7 am.

She told me that I had an attitude, which was why she behaved in such a fashion. Even if a taxpayer had an 'attitude' you work in customer service! For the IRS. We don't call because we're happy- we're calling to resolve an issue with an agency that has the capability of making our lives very difficult! It's your JOB to be nice, provide assistance, and do it all to the best of your ability... Even if you are annoyed, a consumer should never know this. It's almost abusive that each time I asked a question, after my complaint, she says that the IRS can/will demand immediate payment. I'm not trying to run from paying them! I want to pay them.

Attitude accusation aside- I've contacted the IRS many times, and this is the first that has left me feeling as if I received no compassion, the minimal assistance, and just lackluster customer service. This was nearly two hours spent waiting for nothing but a form recommendation (and answering a few questions about my finances) and simply was not fair. I wish the lady I spoke to before her ID #1000803032 could have assisted me. She was kind, compassionate, and seemed to truly want to assist with my situation. I'll simply call back another day, as soon as I wake up.

It's just sad that some of us accept our liability and even in wanting to pay, get treated poorly. It begins to break your spirit a little. I hope others do not have these experiences that leave them feeling empty, like you're a burden to someone paid to help you.

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I keep on hearing the word "liability". The IRS, Fed and the Personal Income Tax are unlawful. We have no more "liability" to them than we do a mugger on the street who demands money at gunpoint.

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