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The IRS also ripped off my husband and I on the stimulas refund on 5/19.We were supposed to get $1200 because we are a married couple.  Barely making it and hard working individuals.Instead of getting the money we were supposed to get they only sent us $600 and indicated that was all we were getting due to the tax's we paid were more then the refund we were supposed to get and they only give you the lesser of the 2 amounts.Of course they didn't say that to anyone nor did they have that information on their IRS website.

Bush is a slickster and I cant wait for him to get out of office. He has messed up this whole country and everyone in it.

$4 per gallon gas, rising food prices, Muslims trying to kill us.

Before he became President, we didn't have these problems.

Pissed off in Wilmington, Delaware!

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Your an ***. Enough said.

The government gives you money and you complain. What a socalist, lazy view of the country.

Next time learn facts before complaining.

Bialogard, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland #28404

Spunky, your failure to wrap your peabrain around the stimulus check program is hardly the fault of the U.S. government, the IRS or Bush.

Your entire last paragraph shows you lack any reasonable amount of intelligence. Muslims are trying to kill us because of Bush right? Newsflash genious, Bin Laden and radicals were trying to kill us long before W got into office. The radicals hate EVERYONE in the states Dem and GOP alike. Open your eyes.

Bush is the reason gas is so high? Newsflash, gas has gone up over a dollar since the Democrats took over control of the Senate. The only relief was when W removed the retrictions on drilling. The Dems want no offshore drilling yet China is prepared to go off our West coast and setup drilling operations in international waters. Great idea, let them take oil we could use to reduce our costs.

I say we toss ALL the politicians out of office and start with a clean slate of business people that can prove they know how to speak English and balance a budget. :p

West Chester Township, Ohio, United States #17515

Remenber the last time they sent us checks...mine was $13.00 not enough for much of anything, however I pay my taxes and if they can bust people who avoid GREAT, it's not the prez(he sucks) but it's not him contact your govenor and do something about instead of complaining, get off your butt and do something

Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania, United States #17354

And it wasn't OUR OWN money to begin with. The USA had to borrow the money....

Pinedale, California, United States #14322

This isn't stimulating anything. Its OUR OWN money to begin with!

The IRS is just getting people that have not filed taxes to file and then they can bust them for unpaid taxes.

It happened to a friend of mine already! This government is WACKED!!!!

Balabanovo, Kaluga, Russian Federation #14129

Actually it DOES explain it both on the IRS website and in your stimulus information you received. It isnt the taxes you paid, its your tax "liability". So if you are not in a very high tax bracket (like me) you probably didnt get the maximum $600, but $300. I was upset too, but it was my own fault for not researching this closely and just listening to the news reports say $600 per person.

Here is the FAQ from the IRS:

Q. I received my stimulus payment, but it was less than what my friends and neighbors received. Why?

A. Your economic stimulus payment is based on information provided on your 2007 income tax return.

Many but not all taxpayers qualify for the maximum basic payment of $600 for singles or $1,200 for married couples. Many parents are also receiving an additional $300 for each qualifying child, born after Dec. 31, 1990.

Your payment may be less than the maximum for one or more of the following reasons:


You are single and your net income tax liability is less than $600. If you file Form 1040 net income tax liability is the amount shown on Line 57, plus the amount on Line 52.


You are married and your net income tax liability is less than $1,200.


You are single and your adjusted gross income (AGI) is more than $75,000. On Form 1040, AGI is the amount on Line 37.


You are married filing a joint return and your AGI is more than $150,000.


You owe back taxes that reduced your payment.


You have non-tax federal debts such as unpaid student loans or child-support obligations that reduced your payment.

Around the time you receive your payment, you will also receive a notice from the IRS explaining how your payment was calculated. It is important to keep this notice as a record of your economic stimulus payment. In addition, you’ll get a separate notice if you owe back taxes or non-tax debts that were offset or deducted from your stimulus payment.

The Economic Stimulus Payments FAQs section of this Web site has further details on how these payments are figured."

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