I don't know what else to say but the IRS has ripped me and my family off, they have owed me for 11 months in the amount of 3,250 dollars. A tax professional / certified public accountant has refiled and still I have no results.

There are no mistakes on my tax information they simply will not send us our check. We are poor people as my yearly income does not exceed 27,000 and I really need my 3,250 what is their problem?

ps. more than pissed I could squeeeze their neck till their eyeballs pop out of their heads.

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IRS owes my mother over $13k for 2011 and another $10k they took to pay 2011, when they were WRONG!! I sent them all the paperwork and they are slow to give it back, PLUS interest!~


refund due over 10 months. IRS EMPLOYEES NEED FIRED. Negligence.


IRS owes me too. It's messed up because they take whatever you owe them. But if they owe you, they are not proactive at all.


U see the proof is what u see here here what lives they have ruined! For being a no good for nothing the if!- and hypocrites!- they're pathetic!- to do that to people who are struggling!

How evil is that!? No wonder some people are angry and hurt enough to choke them til their eyes pop out! I don't blame them for that at all! That's not their fault!

They've been ripped off by them!- blame the IRS for that!- theyre just too evil! Shame on them all for that!


U see that's messed up! Just like I said they're nothing but theives and robbersrobbers!

Now is that right to steal from the poor! Its not! They will be punished by God himself!

U reap what u sow! Beware of the IRS!- the worst ever!


The IRS owes me $5000. I had a professional help me file all proper document for 2016 and go back and refile paperwork for 2015 so I could get my money.

I got $2000 of it in May and they are claiming that is it.

That $2000 was from 2015 they won’t pay me my 2016 return. I’m so fed up with this that’s a lot of money that I desperately NEED


The IRS own me 207.89 and I still don't haven't received my check. It bent 6 months


IRS audited me for 3 years because my ex-husband filled our 2 boys behind my back. They had to investigate. Once they did so and found out that I, their mother had custody and all rights to taxes for kids they ordered ex-husband to pay back all 3 years and said they owe me over $12,000 it's been 6 years an still I have not received a dime.

to Anonymous #1534717

If you claimed them as well, why would the IRS owe you any money? You already got your tax break.

Mountain View, California, United States #1208876

They owe us money two on our amended tax return and we sent it twice and haven't received it and can't speak to a live person what should we do they owe us close to 2,000 and we are not doing good either


Neither The IRS nor the Dept of the Treasury will respond, when they owe you. All you can do is *** the bullet or sue them in the United States Court of Federal Claims.

Due the Math, if they owe $300 to 25% of Americans, that is Credit they would rather keep, after all the IRS is in the Business of making Revenue not giving it. Problem is you people are filing the WRONG RETURN.

Burt at AgentsAtLaw.com

youtube donotconsent83


The irs owes us 2000$ from 2011, they asked for proof that me & my fiance lived together, we sent them like 36 pieces of proof through the mail, they never received it. So then we faxed the same 36 forms of proof & they still never received it... beyond pissed because if that was us who owed them it would be a completely different story.


you ain't the lone ranger....they owe me $6,700 EIC from 3 years ago and another $2200 from 2 years.. I claimed my 3 boys,they said the oldest didn't live with me -proved he did-they jumped to the middle 7 year old and said the same thing,i proved that he did, then came my 2 year old ...he didn't go to school so they had me. I had no mail with his name on it but everything elese you could think of......anyway the business that did my taxes just can't believe it,doing taxes for 25 years and has never seen anything like it....

Weed, California, United States #1082259

Well I have a beef with the IRS too, in 1978 I paid the IRS too much money in the tune of $700.25, I have been trying to collect it to this day. Back in 1979 upon my inquiry they informed me that my claim would be honored when they reached my claim further- and I would receive compounded daily interest!

In 2014 I received a letter from the IRS stating that the time has lapsed and I am no longer eligible for my $700.25. They do not want to pay me my $700.25 nor do they want to pay the interest compounded daily which I figure is now $7,000.000.00! Do you know how to get my and your money back from the IRS. After all they hound us if we don't pat our taxes for life...

what's up with this picture?!...


Did you ever get paid?


I also have the same problem almost exactly and i need to knowwhat can we do cause everyone hides behind there phones and give you no info whats so ever tbs.


This is 2015 & the IRScum has done the same to me.


Very interesting. I am having unbelievable problems, also with a 2011 tax return.

In short, the IRS questioned alimony payment deductions I took, since my ex-wife never filed. I sent the proof of payments. I accidentally sent in one for the wrong year, so the IRS said I still owed $252 and I needed to resend everything again. Because of the time and money involved I said over the phone let me just pay that and move on.

Soon after I received a tax bill for nearly $4K. I called, they said they had made a mistake, and this was the amount I still owed, and that I would have to reopen the case and start over.

So - it has been almost 3 years. I refilled to reopen the case. No response.

IRS will not answer phones (google this - the IRS is impossible to reach). I contacted the tax advocacy - they will not answer their phones. Note that I've spend HOURS AND HOURS on hold over the last years, no answer.

To make problems worse, I have to file in states as well - they received notification I was being audited by the IRS, and they have demanded $ based on the IRS misrepresentation and irresponsibility and complete mishandling of this case.

As of the time of this writing, each year both states and federal withhold refunds saying I am under audit and still owe money. One state has had me make monthly payments to them for back taxes.

If the IRS would bother to just look at the paperwork/proof I've sent in, I would receive back nearly $20,000 which I DIRELY need now. I am a retirement age single parent and I just can't believe what the system is doing to me, and apparently many others.

Please, please, if anyone finds some method of making headway, please post - Thank You!!

Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, United States #1019585

They owe me over 6000 and it has beenover 5years. My tax cosultant keeps at them and it has been OKed but the agent has to get her supervisers' OK.

That also has been dragging on for years. Taxes are necessary buy the system needs massive reforming.


The IRS is a travesty to Americans and our freedoms!

I had a Subchapter S corporation, and filed an amended return to account for significant writeoff's from losses. We had accredited CPA audited financials, and professionally prepared returns.

I was owed over 1 million dollars from the IRS, and they have paid me a small percentage of that money, and have spent over 2 years playing games not refunding the vast majority. If they do not send me the money I am owed within 3 years, they are not required to pay me the money at all per statute! That is a crock! We filed for.

Tax court hearing, and they asked me to sign a waiver to a speedy hearing. At the commissioners request, and the lawyers recommendation, I signed the first waiver (the waiver is for 1 year). I was told by the commissioner that I would have my hearing within 90 days. The year went by, and they asked me to sign another waiver.

I refused, in fear of hitting the 3 year period to get my refund. I then learned if another statute... If you refuse to sign a speedy hearing waiver, the IRS has the authority to rule without you presenting your side of the case!

Basically, they have the legal right to screw anyone out of anything! It's repulsive, and it's time we take action to end this!

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