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This is partially my fault, as I filed ON tax day, 4/15. Never did it so late before but it took me over three weeks to get all my paperwork in order. So my tax guy filed it electronically, and I figured I'd wait a month to get my refund instead of a couple of weeks. Nope.

Two months, and it is not processed yet. The phone numbers to contact them always kick me out of the *** when I finally get to the "wait" line for someone live to pick up. Um, it's JUNE. No reason to not pick up the phone...Unless you are so severely understaffed that you cannot. Which IS the case this year I have been told by several people.

So what options do I have? Make a big stink and have then red flag me for the next twenty years or audit me back to when I was seven years old? Nope. I just have to sit and hope I get it before October. In the meantime, that money could be helping my business. I PLANNED on having it to expand. It is only a couple of thousand, but that's money I don't have.

The thing is, that if I OWED them money they would be hounding me. I am not hounding them, though. They'd be tacking on fees. I should be getting interest on what they are withholding. ***, they haven't even PROCESSED it yet. Site says 60 days. Mhmm. If I filed late, I'd be fined.

Shouldn't there be checks-and-balances to keep them to their word? How about misrepresentation, seeing as they say it will be processed in 60 days? Not BUSINESS days, DAYS. Faulty advertising? Not hiring enough people to meet the demand should be faulty business practices. Withholding monies OWED should be worth the interest it would garner in a bank account.

I could apply for hardship, saying I need that money NOW. But that is honestly not the truth, it is just a hindrance. It isn't like I cannot pay my electric bill or go food shopping without it. It is just an inconvenience. Because I planned ahead in case it wouldn't get here immediately, I am okay. Take notes IRS, planning ahead makes sense.

Shouldn't they be held accountable? There seems to be no real recourse to getting what is owed you in a timely manner. Friends of mine can get harassed daily at dinnertime for a $400 overdue credit card bill, or an outstanding student loan from 1997 of $700, but my few thousand owed to me not only isn't sent, but they ignore it for two months. Pretty unprofessional.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $3000. This person is overall dissatisfied with Irs. The most disappointing about tax refund at Irs was avoid contact and customer service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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