Dang IRS call me want mo money. I tell them they aint getten no mo money.

I tell them The Great Peesdent Obama, say I get to live for free since I am Black. When they gonna make Barack Obama the King of America so my people can live free fover and you crackas can be our slaves.

They make Barack King, black folk never need work again. We get all free. Make crackas work for us, give us everything.

I takes some young white girls for my slave. You crackas should be livin in projects.

Black should be livin in burbs. Make Obama the King, that gonna happen.

Monetary Loss: $76.

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Miami, Florida, United States #768001

Sad but true.....

Tucker, Georgia, United States #754348

Clearly not written by a black person. Idiots always trying to start some racial nonsense.

San Bruno, California, United States #736217

Hilarious, obvious schtick, but hilarious. Laughing my *** off.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #735899

Its a bait post.....

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