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It took me roughly 10 mins of Googling to find a phone number to contact them, could not find a number that was answered on the IRS website, the 2 local offices I called had a voice recording that stated that they did not have anyone there live to talk with. After 30 mins on hold I got a hold of someone apparently in the collections department (not the department I called), after they took my info I was told that they do not take payments.

I had to call an outside company to pay the IRS. Another 15 mins on the phone with the robot and I got my taxes paid off.

So in conclusion over 45 mins and 4 different phone calls to pay someone money that they are owed, completely unacceptable.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Use the money that you are paid by our taxes properly. .

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You could have paid right on their website. Sorry you had so much trouble.


I searched for the phone number for the irs and found it in like 3 seconds...18008291040...also it can be found in any phone book...learn how to do better research

Carrollton, Texas, United States #928617

Customers service is sad ....This Irs employee talk to me ridiculously, something really need to be about the rude staff and the wait time is ridiculous

Chicago, Illinois, United States #922539

The IRS like the rest of our government really don't need us to be happy they just need us to pay. You can pretty much expect that they will talk to you any way they want and do whatever they want.

You can't speak with a supervisor you can't do anything but shut up, pay your money and like. Welcome to America.

Folsom, Pennsylvania, United States #910655

very sad and I can understand why people go postal on these one on this site can do anything but vent--I haven'y gotten any help on here either..

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